Reinventing Electric Grid Inspection with Advanced Imaging Technologies


We are proud to present our successful projects involving the inspection of kilometers of power lines for industry leaders such as Hychico (CAPSA Group), Shell, and PAE.

Reinventing Electric Grid Inspection with Advanced Imaging Technologies

Advanced Equipment for Precise Inspection

Using RGB images, our inspections delve into the intricate details of electrical components. We meticulously identify and analyze electrical components and potential faults captured with high-quality cameras where our advanced technology enables us to detect anomalies in the electrical infrastructure, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of its condition.

Incorporating thermal imaging into Uali's inspection process enhances our ability to identify potential issues. By capturing thermal images and detecting electrical components, we measure their temperature, identifying thermal differences that may indicate faults. Our system is designed to alert the user upon detecting anomalies, facilitating proactive maintenance and minimizing the risk of system failures.

Inspección de líneas eléctricas uali

What Do We Detect in Electrical Infrastructure?

Our inspection service goes beyond a simple surface assessment; it focuses on the precise identification of a wide range of issues that could compromise the integrity and efficiency of electrical grids. Identifying hotspots in the network is crucial, as these points can indicate excessive load or malfunction that could lead to catastrophic failures if not addressed promptly. Uali's technology enables the thorough detection and evaluation of faults in polymeric, ceramic, and glass insulators, essential elements for maintaining safety and proper conductivity in the electrical infrastructure.

In Uali's electric grid inspection service, we specialize in detecting faults in high and medium voltage cables, allowing us to identify any physical damage or conductivity problems that could affect the efficient transmission of energy. But we don't stop there; we are also equipped to detect missing or loose bolts in support structures, helping to prevent potential collapses and ensure the structural stability of electrical installations.

Our service includes the detection and geolocation of bird nests, as well as the identification of vegetation and potential fire hazard zones, ensuring a comprehensive approach to managing and protecting the environment in which electrical grids operate.

At Uali, we provide precise and actionable data to the energy industry, optimizing the decision-making process, and making a positive impact on the environment and the safety of our clients' assets. Get to know us!

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