Safety first: Integration of Artificial Intelligence and Drones in Work Environments.


In the constant quest to improve safety in work environments, especially in heavy industries ranging from construction to maintenance, it is crucial to have technological advancements that ensure the protection of workers and the surroundings. Uali, in collaboration with its partners and clients, strives to develop innovative services that meet the needs of the industry's value chain.

Safety first: Integration of Artificial Intelligence and Drones in Work Environments.

Challenges in Construction and Maintenance Spaces

In these environments, various challenges are faced that, without proper supervision, can lead to short and long-term problems. The simultaneous presence of various actors, including suppliers and the execution of multiple tasks in the same location, adds complexity to management. To address these challenges, Uali offers a complementary service focused on the comprehensive development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms.

AI Algorithms for Comprehensive Safety

Uali's algorithms evolve over time as they train and have the ability to detect a variety of critical elements in work environments, including:

  • Validation of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Usage: Ensures compliance with safety standards.
  • Delimitation of Authorized Zones: Establishes a digital perimeter for safe work.
  • Control and Monitoring of People and Vehicles: Real-time supervision to prevent incidents.
  • Control of Foreign Body Presence: Detects unusual elements that could pose risks.
  • Control of Supplier Activity: Manages the presence and actions of suppliers in the area.

It is worth noting that, like some other services based on the use of AI and drones in work settings, the capabilities of the models are continuously improving. The Uali platform features a comprehensive set of functionalities and early warning systems to safeguard asset integrity and operations with real-time streaming to any interested party within the company. Some platform functionalities include:

  • AI Data Analysis: Advanced processing for informed decision-making.
  • Automated Event Detection: Rapid identification of critical situations.
  • Historical and Georeferenced Logging: Organized storage for retrospective analysis.
  • Image Comparison and Change Management: Evaluates changes in the environment to anticipate potential issues.
  • Report Generation and Download: Facilitates documentation and post-analysis.
  • Critical Situation Notifications: Instant alerts for a quick response.
  • Process Integration and Flight Management: Efficient coordination of drone operations.

At Uali, we join the energy evolution by combining robotics, IoT, and AI with the goal of providing valuable and timely information that facilitates decision-making in asset care, saving time, costs, and having a highly positive impact on the environment. Get to know us!

Diego Dabos

Service Delivery Director

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