Sustainable and Smart Monitoring in Hybrid Parks: a Growing Trend


Hybrid parks, namely energy facilities that combine multiple sources of energy to generate electricity, are on the rise worldwide. In a move towards energy sustainability, these parks integrate both renewable sources such as solar or wind, as well as conventional sources like thermal or nuclear energy. Combining these sources in one location allows for a more stable and continuous energy generation, even when weather conditions are variable. For example, solar energy can generate electricity during the day, while wind energy can do so when there are favorable winds.

Sustainable and Smart Monitoring in Hybrid Parks: a Growing Trend

Two prominent projects highlight the growing importance of hybrid parks in the global energy industry. On one hand, in India, the largest renewable hybrid park in the world will be built, projected to be larger than Singapore or Bahrain. This park is part of an ambitious Indian plan to generate 175 MW of renewable energy by 2022 and increase this figure to 450 MW by 2030.

On the other hand, in the Argentine province of La Rioja, the first hybrid park in Latin America, Parque Arauco, will be developed. This pioneering project will combine an existing wind park with a 60 MW solar park, marking a milestone in the integration of photovoltaic and wind energies on the same site in Latin America.

monitoreo de parques híbridos

Sustainable and Remote Facility Monitoring

Sustainable and intelligent monitoring plays a crucial role in the efficient management of these parks. The application of advanced technologies, such as cameras and sensors on drones, combined with data analysis using artificial intelligence models, allows for the efficient and environmentally friendly supervision and management of these complex systems. This innovative monitoring not only optimizes the use of natural resources but also contributes to biodiversity conservation and enhances visitor experience.

As awareness of the importance of sustainability continues to grow, the demand for sustainable and intelligent monitoring solutions in hybrid parks is expected to increase even further. Authorities and organizations responsible for managing these spaces must be prepared to adopt these innovative technologies and make the most of their potential to promote sustainable urban development and environmental conservation.

At Uali, we combine drones with artificial intelligence to provide precise and actionable data to the energy industry. We inspect the safety of our clients' assets, optimizing the decision-making process and generating a positive environmental impact. Get to know us!

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