Uali lands in Vaca Muerta with its new operational hub in Neuquén


The inauguration of our new operational hub in Neuquén represents a significant achievement and a crucial step in the ongoing growth and development of our company. This event not only celebrates the expansion of our operations but also establishes a strategic presence that will greatly enhance our activities in Vaca Muerta and its surrounding areas.

Uali lands in Vaca Muerta with its new operational hub in Neuquén

Strategic Location

The choice of Neuquén as our new location is the result of the search for efficiency and effectiveness in the operations offered within the Argentine Republic. The strategic geographical position of this hub gives us a competitive advantage by facilitating optimal access to operations in Vaca Muerta, allowing us to move with greater ease and agility in response to each requirement of the oil & gas industry in the country.

"This proximity will not only allow us to effectively address the needs of our current clients but also to expand our operations efficiently." - Diego Dabos, Service Delivery Director

Benefits for Our Clients

We are convinced that this expansion will have a positive impact on the quality of service we provide to our clients and the industry as a whole. The new hub in Neuquén will enable us to be more agile and responsive, allowing us to scale our solutions based on artificial intelligence, IoT, and robotics more quickly and efficiently.

The new main offices located in Vicente López, Buenos Aires, and the operations laboratory in the province of Neuquén provide us with enhanced infrastructure designed to boost our capabilities and improve the efficiency of our operations. With modern facilities and state-of-the-art equipment, we are committed to delivering superior quality service to our clients.

At Uali, we provide preventive, accurate, and actionable data to the energy industry, optimizing the decision-making process and having a favorable impact on environmental conservation and the assets of our clients. Get to know us!

Diego Dabos

Service Delivery Director

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