Greenhouse Gas Inspection: How to Accelerate the Energy Transition?


With over 1200 flight hours, Uali's operations team has managed to enhance the quality of greenhouse gas inspections for their clients by combining robotics, IoT, and Artificial Intelligence. This transformation has turned them into one of the most impactful startups focused on the climate change sector in the past year.

Greenhouse Gas Inspection: How to Accelerate the Energy Transition?

During the latter half of 2022, Uali successfully inspected hundreds of kilometers for over a thousand hours using their drones equipped with the most advanced sensors on the market. This has solidified our position in the energy market as a startup capable of achieving high operational levels in demanding environments, with a unique technological value proposition within the industry.

Uali's Gas Inspection service has experienced significant growth in the last quarters of 2022 and has seen substantial expansion during the course of 2023 due to the industry's high demand for this service. Through this service, we provide concrete and precise data to facilitate decision-making. In addition to detecting and locating fugitive emissions or gas leaks, we quantify the amount of these emissions.

Uali's main clients in Latin America are Shell and Total Austral, and the company's portfolio of sector-specific companies utilizing their gas inspection services has increased by 50% in the last 7 months.


It's important to highlight that Uali's operations, which are ISO 9001 certified, enable our clients to attain comprehensive site coverage for surveying purposes, swift and accessible data on fugitive emissions, and low-risk solutions. Our services include analysis by facility group and calculation of emission mass per unit of time, accurate measurement of emission rates to prioritize operational repair planning, and the development of effective strategies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

At Uali, we accompany the energy evolution by combining robotics, IoT, and AI with the aim of providing valuable and timely information that favors decision-making in asset management, saving time, costs, and having a very positive impact on the environment. Get to know us!

Ian Bogado


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