New Technologies Applied to Construction Monitoring: Artificial Intelligence + Drones


Uali provides services throughout the value chain in the industry, ensuring that its technological products based on robotics, IoT, and Artificial Intelligence contribute to continuous process improvement, thus supporting the energy transition.

New Technologies Applied to Construction Monitoring: Artificial Intelligence + Drones

Adaptability, Flexibility, and Technology:

Uali's portfolio of services in various industries is characterized by the constant development of new technologies tailored to the daily needs of diverse clients. This adaptability is a differential value highly appreciated by Uali's users, with a commitment to ongoing improvement.

This particular case involves conducting periodic flights with state-of-the-art drones to gather information about construction sites. This information is processed through IoT devices, compared with previously collected data, enabling the feeding of Artificial Intelligence algorithms. Consequently, Uali generates increasingly precise and specific progress reports. All information is recorded in Uali's management platform for reviewing historical conditions.

These key points include the ability to provide historical tracking for clients and the availability of swift, efficient, and straightforward reports. This service seamlessly complements Uali's portfolio of solutions, where the use of drones, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and the proprietary development platform position Uali as a significant ally for corporations in the energy transition journey.


What Are We Seeking to Detect?

Under Uali's operations in diverse geographical locations, Operations and Technology teams have developed this product to identify:

  • Periodic variations
  • Evolution indicators based on the type of construction
  • Arrangement of materials
  • Topographical analysis
  • Property security aspects (counting vehicles and machinery, helmet usage verification).

This list is based on the most common requests from our clients. However, a major advantage of Uali's operations is the ability to adapt to the specific requirements of the industry, geography, and clients.

Ultimately, Uali's work is consistently based on the company's strict quality processes and those of its clients, ensuring a comprehensive process that respects the integrity of assets, people, and the environment.

At Uali, we accompany the energy evolution by combining robotics, IoT, and AI with the aim of providing valuable and timely information that favors decision-making in asset management, saving time, costs, and having a very positive impact on the environment. Get to know us!

Francisco Díaz Telli

Head Oil & Gas

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