Smart Grids: The Technology Modernizing Energy Distribution


Being able to monitor, inspect, and respond to potential anomalies that may arise in electrical distribution networks is what characterizes this Uali service, which optimizes times and reduces risks for energy companies.

Smart Grids: The Technology Modernizing Energy Distribution

Uali's service offers greater inspection accuracy with increasingly shorter turnaround times.

Energy distribution is one of the most critical aspects of the industry. There are several pain points related to this, including the natural corrosion of network materials, structural failures, weather-related damage, and even the presence of bird nests, posing a real and serious threat to the integrity of these structures.

The maintenance and inspection of electricity distribution networks are fundamental items for the proper functioning of communities in their daily activities. From Uali's perspective as a contribution to the energy ecosystem, it is extremely important because it becomes a key link in monitoring the well-being of its clients' assets, without which we would not have the electricity we enjoy every day.

By combining robotic technology through the use of drones—which can cover tens of kilometers per day under potentially adverse conditions—with thermal sensors and high-definition cameras for visual inspections, Uali's operations team can provide agile and easily deployable service to its clients, delivering a point-to-point solution.

Detecting Critical Anomalies

The Artificial Intelligence models for detecting various anomalies in medium and high-voltage power lines deployed on our platform become a crucial tool for our clients' maintenance teams. Some examples of what we aim to detect include:

  • Bird nests and obstacles that threaten the integrity of structures through geolocation.
  • Hotspots in the network (preventing a power outage at a facility can prevent significant production losses).
  • Failures in polymeric, ceramic, and glass insulators.
  • Failures in high and medium-voltage cables.
  • Vegetation levels and potential fire-prone areas.


Response times for inspection and maintenance teams are reduced from days to hours, and the possibility of improving inspection quality allows operators to exponentially enhance their distribution service.

The next steps for this Uali service are clear: expanding the inspection coverage and maximizing the certainty of its Artificial Intelligence models, thereby exporting this service to all locations where the company operates.

At Uali, we support the energy transition by combining robotics, IoT, and AI to provide valuable and timely information that facilitates decision-making in asset management, saving time, costs, and significantly impacting the environment. Get to know us!

Ian Bogado


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