Uali Stands Out at Techint Group's InnovationDay


IDAY left a significant mark by showcasing Uali's innovative solutions for process optimization in the industry. The presentation of our advanced project delivery and construction management solutions set a milestone, bringing efficiency and safety to unprecedented levels.

Uali Stands Out at Techint Group's InnovationDay

Driving Efficiency in Every Phase of the Process

At the heart of our participation in InnovationDay was the presentation of our construction tracking and asset security services. From material delivery using industrial drones to asset monitoring and construction evolution, our platform provides a comprehensive view at every stage of the process. This holistic perspective not only enhances operational efficiency but also optimizes resources, ensuring a more sustainable and cost-effective project management.

The precise data collected by our platform plays a crucial role in informed decision-making. With Uali, construction professionals can rely on detailed information to optimize the planning and execution of their projects, improving quality and reducing potential setbacks.


A Safe and Secure Environment

Security is an unwavering priority at Uali, and this feature was highlighted during our participation in InnovationDay. From identifying potential risks and tracking construction progress to asset security control, our platform ensures a safe environment for workers and assets. Uali's advanced technology provides an additional layer of protection, ensuring the integrity of both people and material goods.

The experience at InnovationDay was an invaluable opportunity to showcase Uali's innovations in construction project management, focusing in this case on a new delivery project where Uali and Techint are working hand in hand to be the first in the region to implement such actions in the B2B segment. With goals of a 30kg payload and a range of 20km, Francisco Diaz Telli from Uali presented the project accompanied by Techint personnel, with whom we are collaborating on this development, aiming to launch in April/May 2024. Also, at Uali's booth for this purpose at the event, we had numerous visits from company personnel who eagerly inquired about the project's alternatives, always seeking new possibilities for use within the company.

We appreciate Techint Engineering and Construction Group for providing this space for collaboration and the exchange of ideas that drive the industry forward, setting a path for joint collaboration that we hope will be the first of many.

Francisco Díaz Telli

Head Oil & Gas

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